Our HSE strategy

SUPSERV wants to be a reference company in terms of HSE, Ethics and Quality for the “oil services” activity at all stages and phases. Similarly, our company also wants to guarantee the HSE, ethics, quality and safety of personnel, facilities and environmental protection.
Our commitment is to meet customer requirements and comply with applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards. Our strategy in terms of Quality, Safety and Environment provides a framework for the development of our activities to ensure its sustainability and expansion in the future.
Convinced As an organization, effective risk management depends primarily on the behavior and commitment of individuals. SUPSERV develops a culture of health, safety and the environment based on information, training, feedback and internal communication.
We have decided, on a voluntary basis, to collaborate on an ongoing basis with all employees who have some experience in the field.
Improving the quality of our services, based on an ISO 9001 Integrated Quality Management System (QMS) (ISO 9001 project SUPSERV certificate will be launched soon), a guarantee of international recognition in terms of quality management and will be articulated around three axes:
• Total satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders in a dynamic of continuous improvement.
• The commitment and involvement of everyone in improving, safety, protecting the health of the personnel involved and preserving the environment.
• Put in place an approach to know the regulations, apply them and follow them in good working conditions.

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